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Life Span Psychological Services, PC has been in business for more than fifteen years serving children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families of all ethnic backgrounds and orientations.

Our practice includes Ph.D. Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Social Workers.

Our Psychotherapists have a great deal of experience in various areas, including hospital settings, day - treatment programs, the legal justice system and alternative therapies.

Our goal is to provide a confidential environment in which clients can feel free to work on their issues and problems.  It is our hope that we can be of assistance over the life span and in all areas of our clients’ lives.


Lynnette G. Ruch, Ph.D.  —  Hubert R. Wood, MS, LPC, BCCP 
Dawn M. Baldwin, MS, LPCSarah L. Bender, MS, LPC, CAADC
Tiffany Kress, MA — Victoria VanBuren, MS, BSL

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